feats of clay
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Feats of Clay :An ice kiln. English Puzzle mugs. Zilliz geometrical tiles. And tons of cool ceramics related articles from Ceramics Today. [via]
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I'd like to thank Holly for making me feel better about the number of del.icio.us tags that I'm using. I'm not worthy!
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Puzzle Mug? Muzzled Pug!
posted by swell at 9:39 PM on September 12, 2005

I'm Feet of Clay, and I approve this message.
posted by FeetOfClay at 10:07 PM on September 12, 2005

Thanks! Great links!
posted by Balisong at 10:07 PM on September 12, 2005

who knew he was so accomplished?

apologies in advance to clay aiken fans. wait, no, fuck that.
posted by Hat Maui at 11:46 PM on September 12, 2005

Ice kiln very awesome. Don't try to make an ice hot tub though.
posted by BrotherCaine at 1:16 AM on September 13, 2005

These tiny , highly-detailed, ceramic clothes are awesome. (Full disclosure: they're made by my girlfriend). Particularly check out "Full Porcelain Jacket" - I know it looks like it's wool...
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This is cool. I start my first ceramics class on Thursday and I'm so excited. Thanks for the links.
posted by OmieWise at 8:54 AM on September 13, 2005

Oh zillij of my beloved country in metafilter :)

isn't that cute ?
posted by zouhair at 5:10 PM on September 13, 2005

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