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To create a vision of the harmony of the unequal, balance the infinite variety, the chaotic, the contradictions in a unity.
Hans Richter is renowned as the godfather of avant garde film.
Three excerpts from a new film about his work Everything Turns - Everything Revolves.
Richter taught at City College New York in the 40's and 50's after fleeing Europe.
To further explain the first show of his work in the USA since 1968 (which finishes shortly) LACMA has made this short: -
Hans Richter's Germany about where he lived between Art and Politics.
Some of his film has already featured in a couple of great posts on the blue Previously.
Richter at Senses of Cinema, Activism, Modernism and the Avant-garde (pdf) and in his own words.

Some of his movies (some previously posted but grouped here in chronological order)

1921 Rhythmus 21 (4 min) - the first of three.

1926 Filmstudie (4 min).

1928 Ghosts Before Breakfast (6 min). The original sound version was destroyed by the Nazis for being degenerate.

In the 1930's he moved to Switzerland and then in 1940 to New York.

1947 Dreams that money can buy (Free Download 80 mins).
Fernand Léger, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Hans Arp and Ricter wrote the stories.

1957 8x8 A Chess Sonata (70 mims) a collaboration with Max Ernst, Jean Cocteau, Paul Bowles, Fernand Leger, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp.

1961 Dadascope (40 min) I; II; III; with original poems and prose spoken by their creators: Hans Arp, Marcel Duchamp, Raoul Hausmann, Richard Huelsenbeck, and Kurt Schwitters. It is a comprehensive portrait of the Dada movement with its specific techniques of sound and visual clash, word puns, chess, dice and other games of chance.
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great post, but I couldn't avoid thinking "dada, Andy Richter"?
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There's a terrific exhibit of Han Richter [and dada friends] at LACMA [Los Angeles]. It's quite a generous gathering of his work and as you walk through the large exhibit hall there are various movies by Richter and friends being projected on a dozen or more screens. It's a must see if you're in the area. It lasts until Sept 2nd.
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Thanks for this, adamvasco! I worked on the LACMA exhibition and its two related publications (the catalogue and a collection of his memoirs, published in English for the first time), and it was absolutely the most rewarding experience of my career; I lived and breathed Richter for about a year and a half and -- no kidding -- it kind of changed my life. He has become one of my all-time heroes, maintaining an inspiring level of creative, political, and intellectual engagement well into his 80s.

Much of Richter's work (and his personal life) hinged on his interests in interdisciplinarity and collaboration -- qualities that I think contributed to a bit of a dismissal of his work after he died, but which I hope are leading to a new period of rediscovery and appreciation of his contributions to modernism.
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Thanks for mentioning collaboration scody.
Richter and all the others mentioned here were wonderful as standalone artists but what to me pushes it to another level is the way in which they collaborated with other artists in so many disciplines.
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LA Times review (finally!)
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