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Now this is a valuable skill. I wonder if he passed the art on to a disciple?

He also looks like he could be Dwight Eisenhower's father. What historical novelist will rise to this challenge?
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From the dress of the folks in Chicken Dinner, I'd have to imagine it was taken from the 30s or so. Which got me to thinking about creating a Call of Cthulhu scenario set on an alligator farm.
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Any guy that builds a slide for his alligators is alright by me. They look like they are having fun.
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There is no way in hell I would ever let a child ride on a saddled alligator. That's crazy.
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Except for that damn kid down the street.
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Weird, for some unexplainable reason I was just watching the Leave It To Beaver episode where the kids try to take care of a baby alligator and they visit an alligator farm. I had always assumed they lived in California, so I was all like "Where is there an alligator farm in California?!?"
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Fabulous, both in the California sense and in the alligator sense. Now I know where the Addams family went on weekends.
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...Dear mum....
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It must have been 1978. My grandparents were taking me to Knott's Berry Farm, and I saw the Alligator Farm out the car window and insisted we go there, too. It was smaller than I expected, but still breathtaking. I remember a big central pit piled with giant scaly monsters sloshing around in the sun. And I remember coming home, wanting to tell my iguana Greensleeves all about it, only to find he'd run away.
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