This explains everything!
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This explains everything! It's not Bill's fault that Windows is such a POS. It was Al Queda all along.
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post from slashdot, where this is hashed-through plenty. Short answer is this is pretty close to impossible.

Also, nice trolling for an OS war!
posted by malphigian at 1:15 PM on December 18, 2001

Moi? Troll? Heaven forbid. Being a non-techie, this just caught my eye. Nevermind that the guy claiming this is just a wee bit loony.

That said, I wonder if Microsoft will get a handout from Congress for being a target of terrorism.
posted by CRS at 1:24 PM on December 18, 2001


It's not like you sit down at your desk at Microsoft and immediately have access to all source code everywhere, with full posting rights.
posted by adamv at 1:24 PM on December 18, 2001

I was reading Slashdot independently a moment ago and stumbled upon that story. Boy, did it capture the every reason why I don't go to /. anymore. What a waste of electron potential.
posted by machaus at 1:32 PM on December 18, 2001

You wouldn't need source code to all software with full posting. You would just need to include a trojan in your part of XP. Any smart programer can obscure his tracks enough to get past suspicion.

Still, it seems unlikely.
posted by holloway at 1:34 PM on December 18, 2001

Afroze further claimed that he and other members of the Al Qaeda organization have checked a number of malicious Linux kernel patches into various CVS repositories. Linux creator Linus Torvalds said Afroze's code would be reviewed, and that any "cool hacks" would make it into the next release.
posted by RylandDotNet at 1:35 PM on December 18, 2001

If we don't all run out right now and buy XP....then the terrorists have won!
posted by jpoulos at 1:36 PM on December 18, 2001

I wondered where the "Burning Flag" and "Death To America" desktop themes came from. Sheesh.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 1:58 PM on December 18, 2001

Guess what! [insert bad thing] is ACTUALLY the work of Al Qaeda! HAHAHAHA! Comedy genius!
posted by straight at 6:05 AM on December 19, 2001

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