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Paris 13 is a massive art exhibit inside a soon to be demolished building in France's capital. [via MyModernMet]

An image gallery with a list of the featured artists. Galleries from Flickr, Instagram and Google Images.
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Strangely enough, the official link seemed to work best for me in Internet Explorer.
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For those of you thinking about going in the next couple weeks, keep in mind that the long line to enter is part of the experience. Expect a 2-3 hour wait. The next few days may be ideal for a visit: rainy weekdays!

(Lovely title, by the way!)
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Great stuff. I'm a big fan of C215- who has some great stencils in the show.
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My city had a couple of these recently: Wreck City and Phantom Wing. I really enjoyed both shows.

Wreck City was half a block of 100-year old wood frame houses that some in heritage and affordable housing/poor artist circles would have preferred to keep around. It seems that the property developers saw Wreck City as a concession to the community that wanted to keep the houses, when in reality it doesn't cost them anything more than renting out a bunch of run-down buildings for free for two weeks. The side effect is that maybe we'll see more of this - we get art, and the developer gets to look good and have an easier time taking down the buildings, but in the end the buildings are still gone.

Phantom Wing is a happier story, though. The 100-year old sandstone King Edward School is going to be an art focused space, and as a part of the plan, the city wanted to knock down a 1960s addition and build a new glass addition that would act as a gallery.
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People are lining up at, oh, four am - because they are only letting in a thousand people a day, and that many are waiting in line by nine am. They should keep it open another month. Ephemeral thing is fleeting
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4am now, no kidding? The number of days per year I spend camped out at the ass-crack of dawn in Paris is getting higher than I'd like it to be (ideally, 0, but I'm already on a second hand for 2013. Crikey.)
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I gotta say, it looked pretty damn cool from the outside...
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I didn't go inside, but my friends took pictures of, like, EVERYTHING when they went, and did a slideshow over a home raclette party. That was enough for me!
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