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In celebration of the end of the latest season of Children's Hospital, South African producers Your Girlfriend made a tribute video: It's Children's Hospital Africa.
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There is no apostrophe in Childrens Hospital. It's named after Dr. Arthur Childrens; the fact that Childrens Hospital is a children's hospital is purely coincidental.
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(There was also an episode of Childrens Hospital UK.)
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It's no Monsoon Poultry Hospital.
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South African producers Your Girlfriend

I enjoyed playing around with the sound on that site.
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There is no apostrophe in Childrens Hospital.

Hahaha forgot about that!
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Childrens Hospital is such brilliant comedy. I showed it to my brother and he didn't like it ("that clown is really annoying") and I don't think we can be brothers any more.

This video mostly misses the CH tone but it's quite funny nonetheless. Btw did you guys hear that thing about sports?
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"that clown is really annoying"


Seriously, it's 11 minutes and Blake usually appears for like 30 seconds. And so many horrible, humiliating things happen to him! I fundamentally disagree with this complaint.

And I think there have been some great episodes. It seems to me like when they basically pick one juicy topic and stick with it for the whole show--instead of having several seemingly disconnected subplots--they end up with the strongest episodes, as with "A New Hope" (endless Blake deaths bookended by a weird welcome to Japan), "Childrens Lawspital" (put all the plotlines in the same courtroom... I'll allow it), "Chief's Origin" (everyone daydreaming during Chief's nonsensical story), "Hot Enough For You?" (everyone suffers through the heat, good parody), and "Old Fashioned Day" (everyone being affected by the past in different ways). I suppose "Attention Staff" is an outlier, as I think it's one of the strongest episodes, and it has a lot going on, but it's also sort of a race to find Sy and Sal so it all sticks pretty well.

I am also totally fascinated by the whole multi-level storytelling thing with Childrens Hospital being a show-within-a-show, and the fact that so few events have any continuity. I'd be interested to see a list of events that did.

PS Can somebody fix the Rob Corddry tag on this post?
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