The Frankenstein Notebooks
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You can read online original hand-written versions of all of the known manuscripts of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, in its various stages of editorial development. "All of these notebooks can now be viewed in high quality, resizable page images accompanied by TEI-conformant transcriptions, which enable several different ways to sequence and view the pages of the notebooks, including according to which parts have been written by Mary or Percy Shelley."
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I started a bit when I saw "Hand-written", but yeah. The typewriter wasn't invented until about 1860, so books before that were originally written by hand before they got set into print.
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That's Frankenstein.

It's pronounced "Frawnken-schteen"...
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Fun fact: The monster in the book isn't actually named Frankenstein; that's just the scientist who creates him.

The monster's name is Kevin.
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The monster's name is Kevin.

Little known fact: Shelley considered titling the novel "We Need to Talk About Kevin."
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In the original program for the stage version of Frankenstein, the monster was listed as " _________". True story.
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Dr Frankenstein is the real monster. The Sensitive Artist Formerly Known As Sorrows Of Young Monster (TSAFKASOYM) should really be called Monster's Frankenstein.

Nonsense aside, this link is utterly amazing. Poking cautiously at it, since opening the site in too many tabs was a recipe for death by unresponsive scripts on Firefox.
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Dr. Frankenstein built the creature and gave him life with his own hands. He may not be his genetic father, but if the creature doesn't have a right to use Dr. Frankenstein's family name I don't know who does. I have no problem at all with referring to both characters as "Frankenstein."
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People... not only was the Creature* not named Frankenstein, but Victor Frankenstein was not a doctor! He was a college student.

*preferred moniker given the connotations of "monster"
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I saw the live broadcast of the National's Cumberbatch/Miller Frankenstein on Halloween (which is excellent btw) and they touch on the name thing... implying denying the Creature a name denies him of self-hood and he has to claim that back.
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