What Wastelands Lacked in Creature Comforts...Made Up for in Epiphanies
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Denis Forkas Kostromitin is a Russian artist that considers himself to be a modern symbolist painter (symbolism mentioned previously). The dark and dreamy quality of his work has lead him to be a frequent collaborator with metal musicians. Here he explains the process that led to the cover of Horseback's Half Blood and recently he was commissioned to create the cover of Polish blackened death metal stalwart, Behemoth's, new album, using lead singer Nergal's own blood.
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Also, here is a tumblr featuring a short selection of his works.
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Not as funny as Manowar signing their record contract in their own blood.
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Reminiscent of Austin Osman Spare, to me.
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I want to name my death metal band "Shadow Damage".
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(Half Blood is a great record if you are into atmospheric avant-metal. Really, really good.)
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“It’s very arty,” Nergal explained.

Winner, 2014 Lyttle Lytton contest.
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