Get ready for Thankgiving
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Carving a turkey with a .460 Weatherby Magnum.

Miculek is mostly known for trick shooting: 8 shots from a revolver in 1 second, 27 shots from a 1911 in 3.6 seconds, blindfolded shooting, speed drill with a Barrett 50, etc.
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Now nobody gets a drumstick. Happy now?
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I found this turkey leg in some weeds. It's kind of full of what look like MDF splinters, and metal fragments, but it's still mostly cold. If I microwave it, can I eat it? And do you think the metal will hurt the microwave?
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Shouldn't you cook the turkey before you carve it?
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Maybe it's stupid, but seeing the turkey get blasted into a million pieces and then reassembled as the video reversed made me think about how callously we treat animals. I know we eat them all the time, and this turkey was born to be slaughtered anyway. But blasting it to smithereens just seemed like rubbing it in. So mean.

But I also laughed. I contradict myself.
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Right. Mr. Turkey didn't volunteer. Just saying it don't make it so.
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That was a thing of beauty.

Next time someone argues for banning firearms that are clearly overkill I'm going to point them to that video.
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My friend has a Weatherby Magnum. It scared the shit out of me and I declined to fire it. I'm not normally afraid of guns (at least not ones that aren't pointed at me) but that is a damn cannon going off. It raised dust around my friend who was firing prone.
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Guns are fun! Until, of course, you shoot someone with one.

There's a weird point where you argue for your right to bear arms, and then you actually BEAR arms, and then you shoot someone who didn't deserve or need to get shot. Even if it was just a turkey.

It's all fun and games to shoot a gun, but I'll tell you what - you have NO idea what it feels like to shoot a gun until you actually injure another human being. You're whole perspective changes after that.

As I've said to some friends, guns ROCK. And then, from some incident that was no fault of your own, you shoot a person that had no reason to be shot. You're whole world changes after that.

I was a Cop... a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer). One day, on the firing range, we were doing off-hand target practice around a barrier. It involved drawing your weapon, moving it to your other hand, and shooting around the barrier to hit the target. It just happened on that day that we transitioned to a new holster... one that didn't have a pivot release. Instead of having your holster pivot to your grabbing point, you had to push straight down and then draw your weapon straight up.

I wasn't used to it, and when I drew my weapon on the firing range I fumbled my gun. EVERYONE teaches you, for a very good reason, that if you fumble your weapon just let it fall to the floor - but my instinct took over and I grabbed it out of mid-air.

I never heard the shot. I never saw the shot. I just grabbed my gun and put it back in my holster to start the evolution over.

Next thing I knew someone was yelling in my ear to secure and the exercise was over.

When I'd grabbed my gun and put it in my holster, I had NO idea that when I grabbed it, I'd fired it. The shot went through my holster, not less than an inch from my abdomen, ricocheted out the back of holster, and hit another Cop in the leg. I almost killed a good friend and widowed a fellow LEO who I new well from our days in the Academy. All in the blink of an eye.

I resigned from the Police Department after that. I couldn't deal with knowing that I almost killed someone, someone who didn't DESERVE to die, nor someone who didn't deserve to be a widow, because of a freak accident. I'm comfortable with dispatching bad people, but I can't stomach killing someone who's innocent.

Point of the story? Guns. Too many idiots have access to guns - including those in this video. Even in the BEST of hands, unintended accidents can happen.

I'm not a Cop anymore, and while I have the utmost respect for them - I SHUDDER to think about how many lives are lost by fools/civilians who think they know how to handle a firearm.
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The word carving implies some measure of control, and a worthwhile or possibly tasteful end-result. The wanton high-caliber destruction here is just a mindless waste of perfectly good food.
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The right to bear arms meets the right to turkey legs.
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That video lost me at "elephant rifle." The man who decided the world needed elephant rifles was dead fucking wrong.
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Metafilter Theory: Old redneck blows up a turkey, everyone's appalled. Adam Savage blows up a turkey, everybody's happy.
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Clearly illustrates what happens to a body when you shoot it. Completely unlike a video game.
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"Metafilter Theory: Old redneck blows up a turkey, everyone's appalled. Adam Savage blows up a turkey, everybody's happy."

Seriously, it doesn't take much for this place to show its bigotry towards those with the wrong accent, the wrong state, the wrong culture, or the wrong God. This is a beautiful application of engineering in action, and science education is a much more noble purpose for an animal's carcass than just widening our waistlines a little bit more.
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I can remember when my son was about the size of that turkey.

Now watch the slow-mo bit again. I'm glad I live in a place with proper gun laws and much less of a gun culture, personally.
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Starving children in India could have eaten that turkey. Didn't this guy's mother ever teach him not to waste food?
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