This is Harry.
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If you are in a shell....

A collaboration between Ze Frank and Harry Shum, Jr.
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Thank you.
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These days, with your buzzfeed etc. putting out liquid, internet feel-good via a constant stream of false inspiration and cat pictures sometimes it's hard to remember that sometimes warmth abd catharsis and inspiration is earned.

Harry Shum, Jr. and Ze Frank earn it here, I think.
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I was bored by the 'true facts about X' shtick about 30 seconds into the first one I saw. This is actually good.
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His stuff isn't for everyone all the time, for sure. This one hit me in the right place though. I'm glad you liked it too.
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Hey it's the guy from Glee! I like that guy.
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There it is.
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This was nice.

And hey, it reminded me of one of my favorite They Might Be Giants songs.
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I appreciate that this acknowledges that the scar remains even as you grow beyond it, but it's biased towards performers... like most of this kind of stuff, including all of the "it gets better" pieces. These do need to exist, but yet now seem so forced and perfunctory. Performers, by definition, must have developed coping strategies for shyness otherwise you would have never heard of them.

I once tried a similar tactic to the one described in a lot of these kinds of things -- to take a public speaking class in high school. Which I promptly bombed. I had the teacher tell me that I would "figure it out" someday. That was the worst advice ever -- I've never figured it out -- I did not get into theatre and became an internet sensation and live happily ever.

I made the best of it, and yes, I'm significantly better than I was in high school, but watching pieces like this when you're older and still dealing with these kinds of issues can sometimes be rather.... irritating... like well meaning folks signing your full body cast and telling you about the time they broke a finger once and it healed right up -- it just hurts a little bit when it rains. It comes from a good place, but it's not truth.

I liked the paint-dancing though.
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smidgen, I'm sorry for the pain you bear, but in my reading of this video, this:
I did not get into theatre and became an internet sensation and live happily ever.
was never any part of the message. And I completely disagree that "it's biased towards performers".

The dance is not about the dance. The dance is a metaphor for life, chances, messing up, and deciding to not care about the mess, to not let it force you to hide from activity, to go beyond.

It's as if the post was about a journalist's voyage to learn to deal with tragedy, and you complained that such articles are biased towards good writers, because they're only read if they're written by good writers. Not the point.
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