Milena Sidorova
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Milena Sidorova is a soloist in the Dutch National Ballet. The Spider. Full Moon (aka the Pillow Dance). Reality Conundrum.
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Damn, forgot the [via].
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Lest anyone else be confused, Sidorova dances only in The Spider; the other links are to works she choreographed.

Ballet is great.
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This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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Oh maaaaan here's a poorly-looped gif of the first SPIDERY parts it is so creepy and delightful.
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Those spidery bits are so ... spidery.

The very first Cirque du Soleil show I ever saw, I had seats in the front row, and as is often the case with Cirque shows, the show didn't so much suddenly start as things started gradually happening on the periphery of the stage. And the first character to come out on stage was playing a lizard-like thing and he crawled and skittered and moved his head in the most impressively lizard-like way imaginable, and he came right up in front of us and peered into my eyes and it was intensely believable that this was not a person in costume but a creature of some kind.

I got nearly the same feeling here, from just a little video on a screen, so I can only imagine how amazing that must be to see in person.
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Yes, that spider was impressive. I took ballet a few years ago as an adult. It's amazing how difficult it is since dancers make it look effortless.
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Yeah, the spider dance was the main reason I wanted to share this, but it seemed a little thin. The other two pieces are pretty cool too, I like the way reality conundrum has the dancers in unison but each one a little back and to the side, like you're watching a single dancer in an infinity mirror.
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