Walk It Out
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Can't sleep? Let Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse treat you to a little Mexican Breakfast. Not spicy enough for you? Gwen'd be happy to Walk It Out instead. (YouTube)
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While the world slumbers, I will be watching these over and over, completely hypnotized.
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Dude, I had this post ready to go earlier today but chickened out - god love ya. Walk it out, girls!
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Huh? I don't understand what's so interesting about this. That's how I walk into my kitchen every morning. Doesn't everyone?

Flagged -- stop peering into my kitchen window, hermitosis. It's creepy.
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Miss Lynnster, I just flagged your ass as fantastic.
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For maximum weirdness start sync the first video with the 4th Funkmaster Flex mp3 from earlier. Trust me.
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wow, the different music TOTALLY changes the visual flavour of the dance. It's kind of mind blowing.

Or is it just because the walk it out one is sped up slightly?
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Not only that, at 4.36 you can see exactly how I undress every night.

Ahh, every little detail of my life is so theatrical and exciting.
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Wow, this just made my night. I'm going back for seconds!
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Wow, miss lynnster, good call. Her performance from 4:36 on comes across as almost superhuman in intensity.

People wonder why so many gay people latch onto over-the-top female personas as icons. I think it's because they have a special fondness for someone demonstrating the ability to do something unusual with amazing talent AND have the guts to do it in front of the whole world. Who doesn't want to be someone so fantastically unself-conscious?
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I teach Kindergarten in suburbiaburg VA; the love of my life teaches 1st grade in Charlotte NC and must, on occasion, do so with an iron fist. When one of her more challenging charges Fosse-walked into line one day, she sent him back to his seat to try again...to which he replied, "Awww, Miss M, I'm just walkin' it out."

I take great pleasure in the idea that she can now inform him that he is "walkin' it" Tubbytronic-style.

...Of course, I still haven't quite recovered from the moment when one of my [five. year. old.] students posed the question, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?"
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I love how the notes are all "From a 60's TV show". Just a little show called "Ed Sullivan", y'all.
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Those empty voids creep closer and closer. OH GOD THEY DON'T HAVE EYES.
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Not only do I saunter into the kitchen to make breakfast in this fashion, I sleep in the pantsuit and burst out of bed while the theme from Maude shakes the house. Right after the "Right On Maude" line, I shriek "WAAAAAAALTER!" at my bleary eyed husband (Steve), which invariably causes him to break down in pre-coffee tears.

And that, ladies, is how one controls a household with a shimmying, velvety fist.
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Rock on, maryh. Rock on.
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It has that perfect, brilliant creepiness of the Christopher Walken tap dancing video.
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hermitosis: that was the sleeper hit of my mefi day.

Sadly, YouTube has no love for Two Lost Souls. My Lola itch goes unscratched.

All this talk about Gwen vamping brings to mind how that whole movie, despite the plot and her characterization to the contrary, seems to revolve around her keeping the chops in check.

In school, my girls and me did "A Little Brains, A Little Talent," in drama class, and watching it from the movie now, it's cute but va-va-voomless!! It's an inspiring own-it song - a song born to drag! Those restrained Fosse shimmies and sleek costumes frustrate me. I guess that's why they invented Bette Midler.
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pretty sure this is the best thing ever.
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If they are so good, how come they weren't in the Rat Pack?
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This is fucking fantastic.
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I'm so glad this has been appreciated; I hovered over the post button for some time, imagining how I might defend it if it turned out that all the awesomeness was in my head. Posting after midnight during a heat wave is like Russian Roulette.
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This and the funkmaster flex post reminded me, though I don't need reminding how much I love hip hop
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Excellent. The music reminded me of (and was possibly ripped off from) Quincy Jones' "Soul Bossanova," which is sampled by Dream Warriors on their 1990 track "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style," the video of which I just had to go find on YT.
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Yeah, I've posted a few of those myself... I'm familiar with that hopeful dread where you know people are either going to embrace the wackiness with you or they're going to indignantly bitch you out for not posting "the best of the web." Ugh.

So good job, hermitosis. I salute you.
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"I just flagged your ass as fantastic."

careful hermitosis, miss l doesn't like it when you mention her body. Trust me on this.

(groovy post!)
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Now I just need to see some hip hop dancers jamming to Herb Alpert.
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hermitosis is my Mefi gay best friend, though. It's his JOB to tell me how fantastic my ass is. Fabulous & fierce, even.
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Or find Peyton Manning getting down to Herb Alpert on Saturday Night Live earlier this year.
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hermitosis is my Mefi gay best friend, though.

Um, no, hermitosis is MY MeFi gay best friend. But lots of people here are incredibly gay, I"m sure you'll find another.
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Is this a bad time to confess that actually I'm straight and married? To Ambrosia Voyeur?
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Shush, hermie! I won't beard for you if you don't behave! Now, zip me up, darling.
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Okay fine. Maybe dirtynumbangelboy is available to tell me my ass is fantastic.
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mmph lmmffsumph yoaaahhmph aaahhhmmmff iff ffamphhlmmf!!

Whoa there, Bonnie! No belly dance tonight if you don't settle!

miss lynnster, my ass... mind of her own, I tell ya... says your ass is fabulous. And she considers herself something of an expert. Stuck-up, really.
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Important to have a fantastic ass now, because after Peak Oil we'll all be commuting by burro.
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Say it ain't so, AV! What's become of your principles, of our big stand? Marrying someone gay doesn't make it gay marriage, you know. Also, does this mean you're moving out? And are we still on for lunch?
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After Peak Oil there'll be thousands of beefy rig workers looking for work and it's only four for a palanquin.
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*sniff* It's... beautiful.
posted by hermitosis at 6:03 PM on July 16, 2007

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