Mr Churchill and Herr Beans
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The only known recording of the Cambridge spy Guy Burgess, made just before he defected to Russia in 1951, has been recovered from FBI files by researchers at City University London. Speaking late at night, and clearly the worse for drink, Burgess describes his meeting with Winston Churchill in September 1938, shortly after the Munich Agreement, and recreates Churchill's side of the story with a number of amusing impressions.
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Oh, how I live for audio archaeology. Thanks!
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This is fantastic! What a voice (and what a Churchill impersonation)!

I don't have a Soundcloud account, so that link wasn't too useful, but I think the file is included in the other links. The video in the second link is definitely with the time to watch.
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What a name-dropping, insufferable, traitorous prick Burgess was. Interesting though.
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He voice reminds me of Peter Sellars' Hercules Grytpype-Thynne.
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Cool find! He is pretty unbearable, isn't he? So proud of his friends and his little voices and his little jokes. His important story where he pleases Winston Churchill.
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Good idea getting way fucked up before doing the Churchill imitation.
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