Give me compliments. Bitte schnell.
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According to their YouTube profile, "Kollektivet is a comedy-show aired on Norwegian TV2." Here they are with a teutonic-dry take on underappreciation: Give Me Compliments [2:15].
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----;-<@ Funny! Well done, good work, bravo, bravissimo! @>-;----
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very good. I compliment him.
posted by philip-random at 12:42 AM on February 24, 2014

This would slay on the dance floor. Where's my remix!
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I'm stuck for ways to compliment this more.
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20 GOTO 10
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So when did Deiter from Sprockets officially join Ylvis? I hadn't heard...
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Compliment my monkey.
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Awesome show, great job!
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Aah.. I still remember those guys from that I can't get erection from the election video years back.
I love the German insertions in this one.
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oh man I'd forgotten about Kollektivet! This is great.
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I watched this and then found myself singing the refrain while washing the dishes, lifting the lid, locking the front door, and making my subway train.
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