Six Degrees Records: a world of sound, streaming online
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I played Six Degrees a TON on my world music show when I lived in New Hampshire. Great post!
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Thanks! I'm pretty fond of the label. I was going to add "especially Karsh Kale," but then I was going to have to add a bunch of additional bands. Reviewing this list of the artists who have released music for the label, I'd say I'm quite fond of at least half of them, though I wouldn't consider some of them to specifically be "Six Degrees artists," as they have released a range of material on other labels.
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Thanks, flt!
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I discovered 6 Degrees, probably along with many other people, way back in 2000 when Bebel Gilberto released Tanto Tempo. Damn, that was a fine album! The label was on my radar for a few years, which is how I found the amazing Toure. Sadly, my listening habits changed over the years and I went away from world music. Thanks for the reminder that there's a whole world of music out there that I've been ignoring for far too long.
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I've been vaguely considering making an Azam Ali post for a while! FYI, she sings as part of Niyaz and Vas as well as solo. She has a truly ludicrously beautiful voice, and sings in many different languages. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mazaar (a classic Afghan song about the city Mazaar-e Sharif, also featuring A.R. Rahman)
Dunya (in Urdu)
Tamana (also in Urdu)
Aj Ondas (in Galician)

And here is a taping of a performance of Azam Ali and the Niyaz Ensemble at Yoshi's in Oakland.
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This was a lot of my listening in the early 2000s. They would put out these yearly compilation CDs, all of which I still have.
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Oh, wow. Great post. Some of my favorite 6 Degrees artists include Talvin Singh, Banco de Gaia, and, of course, the late great Cheb i Sabbah.
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This is great! Thanks, filthy light thief.
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