What Kind of Pen Do You Use? Also, What Cartoon Character Would You Be?
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David Wasting Paper queries 200+ illustrators, comic book, strip, gag, and editorial cartoonists on their trade, tools, favorite things, and more in his compulsively readable Cartoonist Survey(s)

Some surveys I enjoyed include Alex Robinson, John Martz, R. Sikoryak, Vanessa Davis, Gerry Alanguilan, Anders Nilsen, Mike Reagan, and the incomparable Evan Dorkin. If you're curious how the numbers add up, David's compiled the responses. What's the favorite pen? Least favorite thing to draw? Favorite childhood book?
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I like the Pilot G2 - 05 as a "daily writer". Also love a good mechanical pencil. And I love a good fountain pen, but find that I use them less and less. Nothing like a good writing instrument! I love the Lamy brand

Here are more pens!

This post has inspired me to get my old Mont Blanc pen fixed. Many years ago someone I know, who had never used a fountain pen, asked if he could try it. The ink wasn't flowing very well so he kept pressing down on the nib to get more ink, like one would with a fountain pen. IN doing so, he destroyed the nib, without even realizing he had done so. The next time I went to use the pen I noticed the bend; it took me a long time to figure out what had happened.
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The "compiled" link points at the Dorkin interview. I'd provide the correct link but I couldn't find the compilation mentioned.
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Oops, here's the compiled responses.
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