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BXL swings in the cracks is a "Collective who up-cycles waste (scrap wood, discarded domestic furniture, ...) into parasite interventions with the aim to vitalize public spaces."

BXL Swings in the cracks.
The strongly hierarchical macro-structures that rule our society and contemporary cities are founded on the desire of total control and organization. This "genetic bug" of our modern world leaves behind a lot of opportunity for creativity and free expressions. It is in the cracks of our over-complex society that lay the opportunities to stimulate a debate between the different actors of the urban space. The insertion in some strategic but forgotten urban space in European cities of small design interventions will have the multiple intentions of provoking a reaction both from citizens and from the institutions and at the same time revitalize a blind corner of the city.
Let Yourself Be The River
generous shelve & enthusiast scorpion @ Porte de Namur)

intervention - installation 25/01/2014 ZSenne Square
The truth is that there are many people in Brussels who don’t see the public spaces as somewhere you can live, grow, garden, relax, hang out in, meet people, and learn from others. Why? It is true that it is rainy and cold here ( it has been pouring rain like crazy this week), stress is always on the rise, and that there are many different ethnic communities that don’t often mingle with each other. But still, the city offers amazing squares, streets and gardens that have the potential to thrive and become remedies to some of these same ailments.
They gave a little help to Shht, the magazine of untold architecture

via Urban Bricolage, also on [Google Cache]
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Aw, I love the little scorpion bench that you can roll around the lamp post over the course of the day to help you catch the sun!

It took me a little while to work out that was the intention though. (And having just checked the via link I see it also doubles as a mini merry-go-round.)

Basically I wish there were full write ups of the interventions, not just Facebook albums.
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