A day in the life of Everyday Astronaut
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In November of 2013, I found myself the lone bidder of a Russian high altitude space suit on an auction website called RRauction. Since then, I’d been scheming how to best use the suit. I have been revisiting my childhood love for space and my obsession was growing stronger and stronger. It was only natural to use this suit to project the inner child in me, still dreaming about space. With that, I present to you: "A day in the life of Everyday Astronaut".
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Have spacesuit, will blog it.

But seriously, quite cute.
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Better than I expected though I would have liked to have seen how much he paid.

For science, of course.
posted by tommasz at 12:43 PM on June 2, 2014

It's really only a matter of time before he gets picked up by a passing Soyuz and is carried off to adventures on the moon. Heinlein's never steered me wrong here.
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Maybe it was this ($396).
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You gotta dress for the job you want.
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ok but more importantly i just realized i can get a quadcopter to walk my dog for me and have a roomba follow them to pick up the waste
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Oh God, how I wish Rocket Science for Dummies was a real book.
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I love this.
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Ha! I saw this earlier (and it was great), but it's even better knowing the story behind how he got a spacesuit.
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Ha! Of course his dog is named Laika!

Great stuff.
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Where have you gone, Mr. Tron Suit Guy?
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you...

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Every time I think it can't get any better, I scroll down! The Tang! The futuristic ice cream shop! This guy GETS it!

We visited Kennedy Space Center when I was a kid, and they had this full-size moon landing diorama set up where you could stick your head through the head of the space suit and have your picture taken. I had the worst case of red-eye in my picture, and I looked like the evil alien who took over the Moon. It was the best picture ever, and one of the ones I regret losing the most.
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OMG the one on the playground.
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