The strange stories behind our most famous gifs
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Okay, so you've watched a lot of funny or strange animated gifs. But do you know what's behind the gifs?
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i think about this one multiple times a week - story behind the raccoon rolling down the hallway.
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These are brilliant. Thanks for posting.
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pulsing electrons
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I was kind of hoping that it would be actual explanations like, "This is a clip from the show BLARGLENARGLE, where the main character had just learned that his girlfriend is a panda," because most of the time I just have no idea wtf is going on in gifs. I was initially disappointed, but then these turned out to be hilarious, so that's okay.
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The flying elephant one is my favorite so far, mainly because the lead-in comic is genuinely funny in its own right and not just a straightforward set-up.
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Noob the Loser is kind of brilliant. The turtle one is probably their best known one (and spawned this cartoon-only sequel), but for some reason this one is still my fave.
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Halloween Jack: There's a BtG sequel as well.
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The Kitten Prom is about as perfect a setup and punchline as I have ever seen.
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I like the simple ones, although heavy cheese is pretty great. Make sure to click on the "top" tab of the subreddit, as the default view only gives you recent posts.
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Jesus, is Revenge Of The Melons girl even alive after that?
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These are fantastic. Noob the Loser is UTTERLY brilliant. No kind of about it!
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Oh, the cheetos. Still laughing, and crying. whut.
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Man, these just get better and better and better. Much uproarious guffawing was heard around the house just now!! I love the depth that NtL goes into. It is just WONDERFUL.
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Some of them are gold. Some them are unexpectedly disturbing.
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Does anyone remember the animated LiveJournal icon which shows an endless stream of little girls coming down a waterslide, each of their faces replaced by one huge mouth? That was proper uncanny-valley nightmare fuel.
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