I draw on mirrors and windows
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"[Helene] Meldahl said that in the mornings she used to leave small drawings on the bathroom mirror for her roommate. One day she turned a drawing into a selfie and posted it online. She enjoyed doing it, and people enjoyed looking at it, so creating more seemed like a no-brainer." (via)
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I really like the "interactive" quality of Meldahl's mirror paintings. It does a good job of taking into account the nature of the medium she's working with.

When I was younger, my sister and I used to use tempra paint to paint our gigantic bathroom mirror each month. Colorful, easy to clean, and easy to backtrack if we ever made a "mistake" in our painting. Every month had a different theme (December would, of course, be Christmas-related, but we would come up with others not related to holidays for the other months). Many fond memories! Thanks for posting this and reminding me about this part of my childhood.
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Charming--can't imagine anything off-putting about these.
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These are well done. I like the creativity.

I too draw on mirrors, but mine are messages to my teenaged children. Usually, "If you want dinner tonight, you need to clean the dishes you left on the counter by 4:00pm or you're on your own." Or, "I am begging you for the last time, please, please, flush the toilet after using it. Even if it is yellow, do not let it mellow."
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These are terrific! Thanks!
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These are awesome. When I was younger, I was very prone to imagining another world through the looking glass, so to speak. In other words, seeing things in the mirror that created some effect that was not actually real would inspire me to fantasize about another world on the other side if you just stepped through the mirror. I imagined it was like magic or something.

And here she is, intentionally creating that vibe and capturing it on film (so to speak -- I am assuming it is actually digital photography).
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So I admit, based on the description I thought this would be lame. I was totally wrong and it's delightful.
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In college in one apartment I lived in we had a big mirror over the mantel, and somehow we got in the habit of tracing our faces with whiteboard markers onto the mirror (it looked sort of rotoscoped). We got our various friends & houseguests in on it and by the end of the year it was a whole mural.
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I love her sense of humor and the way she acts a role in these cartoon scenarios. The cupcake is my favorite. (And thank you for posting this; I was hoping someone would!)
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