The Norwegian for 'Museum Filter' might be 'Museum Filter'
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Norway seems to be particularly good at making interesting museums. If you're touring, the museum of magic is spell-binding. The museum of knitting is a real purl. The petroleum museum is a gas. The Lofoten Stockfish museum is off the hook. And the Norsk Hermetickk-museum is about the history of sealing things in cans.

The Fram manages to polarise audiences. The Alta Rock Art museum is etched into memory, while the Rosendal Stone Park is heavyweight (and not at all erratic).
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The Glacier Museum is kind of cool.
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If you are visiting the Fram them its right across from the Kon-tiki museum, both are worth a visit since both are very much in the territory of crazy feats.

Just down the road from the Stockfish Museum is a Fishing Village museum if you are so inclined, it has some nice buildings to look around including its own bakery and youth hostel. You can actually stay above the bakery and the smell of fresh cinnamon buns is worth waking up to.
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So... the Norsk Hermetickk-Museum... says what is done in the tin?
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One of my local museums, The Norwegian Mining Museum is worth a visit just to look at their 19th century dentistry tools. The silver mines were actually quite advanced in what health care they provided to workers hundreds of years ago (better than Wal-Mart today...) but still I would prefer to not have their dentist work on me...
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The Munch Museum is a scream.

(that was too easy)
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And Norwegian for "Museum Filter" would be Museumfilter. We celebrate our Germanic roots by mashing compound words together.
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The Viking Ship Museum is... ship-shape? viking of the hill? Osebergmanesque?
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The Viking Ship Museum is... ship-shape? viking of the hill? Osebergmanesque?

I think you meant, "The Viking Ship Museum? That's where I'm a Viking!"
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Finally, a museum I can show to Niçois to irrefutably prove that the "typical Niçois traditional dish, stockfish" IS NORWEGIAN psh. Let me count the times I've told them that olive oil was traded for stockfish... and seriously, stock, fish, do these words sound Nissart or French or Italian? No. Yes, I am emotionally attached to the issue in an overtly silly manner. My great-grandmother was from Flakstad, and many of her relatives lived in Å, Lofoten. :)
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