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Build your own Universal Multi Dial Solar Time Device.
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Southern hemisphere fail.
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Would it work for me if I turned the box upside down?
posted by Joe in Australia at 10:52 PM on July 28, 2014

Hey, that's a pretty cool idea.
posted by Too-Ticky at 5:19 AM on July 29, 2014

ooh, i want to make this
posted by rebent at 5:57 AM on July 29, 2014

This is great and I love how British the writeup is. Right down to designs for Americans, to print on A4 paper. Doh!

There's a whole world of DIY sundials; this one is quite fancy with the multiple dials. Here's a very simple single dial you can make with much less fuss than the fancy one.

There's also a lot of beautiful precise sundials installed around the world. My favorite is the one at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There's one in San Francisco I've been meaning to visit. Apparently Google's overhead image was taken at 1:45PM.
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