Shh! Secret Songs!
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A few months ago, DJ/Producer Ryan Hemsworth (previously) started Secret Songs. It's "not really a label or a blog" but two weeks ago Secret Songs released its fantastic first free compilation: shh#ffb6c1

The short (30 minute) compilation features 10 tracks by: GFOTY (brings that PC Music weird future-pop (previously: 1 2)), et aliae, Late Ride, Kero Kero Bonito, Qrion, chindamo, Swick & Lewis Cancut, Kumisolo, Cuushe, and Ellie Herring. The style is multi-leveled but skews towards ultra-modern pop with obvious elements of dream pop, vaporwave, shibuya-kei, ambient /new age, and instrumental hip hop.
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I'll bite.
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I came across this on SoundCloud the other day and was totally charmed by the shibuya-kei / dream pop stuff. TOTALLY CHARMED.
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After that post about PC Music, I could not be more excited to see this.
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This is a neat coincidence. Someone else I follow on Soundcloud reposted this track and I started following Secret Sounds but hadn't had a chance to explore them further.

Even if they hadn't, seeing Cuushe on the list of artists would have got me to download it.
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How could they miss this gem?!
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I love Kero Kero Bonito. To me, the most charming trio of twentysomethings in quite a while.
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Ryan Hemsworth is just the best for collaborations and repping the unknown corners of the internet. And hey, he's in Tokyo this very moment doing the same over there: Ryan Hemsworth gives Japan’s budding music producers some support overseas.
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Kero Kero Bonito is my new jam, thanks!

(if you're multi-coloured that's cool too)
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The Ricky Eat Acid song, "p u l l (may 15)", that was released on here is one of my favorite of the releases that've been on Secret Songs so far. I've been loving all of this stuff, Ryan Hemsworth has a really good ear for awesome music.
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