Moonlight and Muzak Tonight
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M - A Little Night Music In 1981 BBC Bristol commissioned M, a/k/a Robin Scott, to make a half hour special of music videos to promote his second album, The Official Secrets Act. M was most known for the hit single Pop Muzik, which does not appear in this special, but the song "That's The Way The Money Goes" from the same album (New York London Paris Munich) does appear, as does "Moonlight and Muzak". Robin Scott's first single since about 1985, Rescue Remedy is coming out on 11/10.
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I am a HUGE fan of M, and I've ALWAYS wanted to see this, so I figure I should share because, like, other people should be fans of M too?

(Also, this is NOT the same M who did the score to Triplets of Belleville -- that's Mathieu Chedid.)
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I consider myself a pretty huge M fan, and I had no idea this existed. Wow. Thanks!
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I saw it on the M/Robin Scott mailing list this morning -- if you're interested. Though it's normally pretty low-traffic.
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Until this moment I had given more thought to horrible cover versions of Pop Muzik (hey, Fuzzbox) than I had the people behind M.
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