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Cucumber Quest is a hilarious and endearing webcomic built out of affectionate parody of '90s Japanese RPGs, with a healthy dose of Kirby in the art style.
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Mainly, I just can't believe this hasn't shown up here yet.
I'm unreasonably disappointed that I can't add ˈpɛrɪ ˌdɒt as a tag
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I thought you meant Jack Kirby! :(
posted by Catblack at 12:31 AM on January 20, 2015

Sorry! But also, not-sorry, because it is a differently good thing!
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Anybunny - er, anyBODY looking for a kid-friendly webcomic should point your little ones (or the little one in you) at this ... it's delightful, and the food-based character names probably have some subtle nutrition lesson... I don't know, just enjoy!
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You know, I've read a bunch of web comics over the years but somehow it has never before occurred to me to try simply pressing the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to go from entry to entry. Maybe because I knew they'd normally work for horizontal scrolling on wide pages?

Wait, does this actually work on some blogs too? MIND ASPLODE
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Oh! Don't forget to read the quasi-alt-text below each page starting, like, five pages in. It is at times the funniest part of the comic!
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Autopager works for some webcomics as well.
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Cucumber Quest is one of the few comics I look forward to every week. It's cute and funny and good natured, and there's something to like about all the characters. Almond and Peridot's mutually beneficial rivalry is adorable. And Cucumber is a great reluctant hero.

Also, the art is beautiful.
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I got around 50 pages into it last night, and it's delightful. Even more so when I realized I was only on 2011 and have another fourish years of updates to read! Thanks for posting!
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So this is adorable and I would actually play this if it were a JRPG. That's coming eventually, right?

Also, I didn't realize that this is what hiimdaisy got up to after she stopped doing hilarious fancomics for games like Persona 4 (which people then made equally hilarious fandubs of). hiimdaisy is great so I guess I shouldn't be surprised!
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