Deep Lab
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Deep Lab is "a congress of cyberfeminist researchers, organized by STUDIO Fellow Addie Wagenknecht to examine how the themes of privacy, security, surveillance, anonymity, and large-scale data aggregation are problematized in the arts, culture and society."

The Documentary
The Lectures
The Book
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Yeah, I know that the rest of the links are in the first link. But, uh, if the original site goes down the vimeo links may still remain.
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I always wondered what went on in that room with the neon sign outside...
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Are the talk topics described anywhere other than in each video? I don't see any way to distinguish one talk from another except by speaker name or loading the first ~minute of video. The video descriptions are identical, too—there's no speaker bio or synopsis. Makes it hard to browse for topics one is interested in.

Are there particular talks that stand out?
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I didn't watch all of them however most of them have a title in the video itself. I'll make a comment with that later. The documentary though is quite interesting from my perspective.
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daveliepmann: full disclosure, this is my partner's review – he highlights his two favourite projects from the studio.
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Related: subRosa, a (cyber)feminist art collective combining art, social activism and politics to explore and critique the intersections of information and bio technologies on women’s bodies, lives, and work. They've collaborated with the STUDIO in the past and members may have participated in Deep Lab as well. I mention it here for anyone interested in further reading.
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Okay, I can't listen to sound right now so I'll see what I can do:

Jen Lowe: No title visible. I remember that she talks about how Target figured out that a girl is pregnant by her user patterns and such. I was up late and skimmed it. It seems interesting. It started with her talking about keeping track of her heart rate in the public eye.

Maddy Varner: Selfies & Security

Lorrie Faith Cranor: Privacy Illustrated

Maral Pourkazemi: Online Privacy/Censorship/Security in the Middle East

Denise Caruso: Gradualism (and its discontents)

Harlo Holmes: Activist Metadata

Ingrid Burrington: Maps and Jokes

Allison Burtch: Liberation Technology

Runa Sandvik: Threat Modeling and Operational Security

Addie Wagenknecht: A Letter

EDIT: There's also supposed to be a site on Tor's darkweb but it doesn't seem to be up or accessible. The onion url is:


And, yes, I am trying to access it through TBB.
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