"Why Chopin?" and other questions
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In 2010 Garrick Ohlsson, the first American to win The International Chopin Piano Competition (in 1970), delivered an insightful 80-minute lecture (plus Q&A) at UC Berkeley about what exactly makes Chopin's music so great. Highly recommended for anyone that likes seeing people who are really passionate about something explain their passion.
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This is excellent, thanks. Just sampled a bit, but bookmarked for later. For example, 30:00 to 37:00 is brilliant analysis combined with examples. Chopin always has been my favorite--both to play and to hear.
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That was wonderful!

I'm reminded of the Whole Earth review for Nicolaides' The Natural Way To Draw "...not only the best how-to book on drawing, it is the best how-to book we've seen on any subject."

I don't think I've enjoyed a talk so much in ages.
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This is a really good interview. Thanks for posting this link.
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This was mesmerizing and kept my interest intensely all the way through. Ohlsson not only has much "head knowledge" about Chopin but a great deal of "heart knowledge" as well. He is not only a world class pianist, of course, but an articulate and first rate intellect as well as music historian. I think I may well assign the viewing of this lecture-interview to some of my private students. Thanks for posting this!
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Mod note: Edited "two hour lecture" to "80-minute lecture," by OP request.
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Thanks for the great post -- best of the web, indeed.
Not very many talks merit my attention for so long a time, but this was worth every second.
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This was a great interview. I've been a fan of Ohlsson's since I was a teenager, so thanks so much for posting it!
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My highest hopes for today were to fight it to a draw, but that magnificent performance at about 1 h just saved the whole thing.
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Thank you so much for posting this! I learned a lot, and have a new appreciation for Chopin. Plus Ohlsson plays beautifully.
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