Towards a 21st century orchestral canon
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In December, grad student and occasional NYT music writer Will Robin asked on Twitter, "What are the best large-scale orchestral works of this century?" He Storified the responses, with links for listening, and then on Tuesday, streamed the result: Symphomania, a 24-hour marathon of sixty 21st-century orchestral works by sixty different composers, on Q2 Music at WQXR in New York. Starting tonight at midnight, WQXR is repeating the stream.

Will Robin on Twitter: @seatedovation

Someone noted that 20.5 hours of the marathon is available for sale on Google Play

PDF of the liner notes to the CD release of Andrew Norman's "Play," the piece that first impressed Robin and sparked him to ask for more
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C. Montgomery Burns
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[this is great]

My local musical sphere has been almost entirely chamber-sized-or-smaller choral composers, so I've been completely blanked on modern orchestral works. Really excited to dig into these.
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I'm a music obsessive - but it makes me sad that in 201x, I have such a limited interaction with symphony orchestras. A lot has happened in music - one part of which is the collapse of the money. No matter how much musicians are supposed to live off the pure joy of entertaining others, keeping a symphony orchestra going takes money.

So I'm all for this idea. I'm particularly interested to hear "Play".
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I have so much love for the Q2 music stream in general. I actually sort of like their app's push notifications, which included one about this. They also did, I think, a weekend of nothing but lady composers programing. Maybe it was only 24 hours.
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This is FANTASTIC!! Pleased and unsurprised to see Become Ocean on the list; I am biased bc I sing with the Seattle Symphony but I love that piece. I am eager to listen to everything on this list.
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Meant to link the full playlist, with times. Loved ...Concertante... by György Kurtág this morning.

KathrynT, the music director of the Seattle Symphony, Ludovic Morlot, shows up before the Elliot Carter (around 1pm) to discuss the state of the modern orchestra. I only caught a bit of the first stream on Tuesday so didn't realize there are guests like Alex Ross and various representatives from regional orchestras talking between some of the pieces.
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I started building a Spotify playlist version, but it's not even half ready yet. I've made it collaborative, so if somebody wants to add a few tracks, you'd be more than welcome.
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