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Frankie is a sphynx (hairless) cat. She enjoys treats. Sometimes she is cold and needs a sweater. (MLYT, turn up the volume)

Frankie resides at the M.E.O.W. Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA.
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Before everyone jumps in and talks about how icky hairless cats are, let me just say that I love them and will take any spare ones you have laying around
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oh my god I freaking LOVE cats. I wish my cats would wear a jumper.
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My grandparents had a Sphynx when I was young. Visiting them especially in the winter was always a bit unnerving because you'd have this gargoyle that was always riding around on my grandmother's shoulders and occasionally he would be less than discriminatory and would jump down from the top of the fridge onto other people's shoulders.

That and she'd leave the oven on and the sphynx would just hang out on the top of a warm oven most of the day.

Honestly it was kinda creepy especially as a kid.
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Frankie sounds just like I would expect her to. Sort of like if Maggie Smith could only speak in Cat.
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I love calico sphynxes especially when I think that's what my cat would look like naked.
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I knew it!
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I am fixing to get a Sphynx in the next few years and videos like this are only contributing to my zeal.
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I love sphynx and would adopt one on a heartbeat, except Mrs. Michaels seems to be of the opinion that three cats are enough. Also I suspect the current three world not take kindly to a fourth.

But hairless kitties are adorable.
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I understand they need to be wiped down as they still secrete oil for the hair they don't have.
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Since we never see her out of her little catpod, I'm of the opinion that this is actually a high quality muppet.
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So hideously gorgeous. How could you not name her Gollum?

Judging by the sweater video, we know she can say "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah", "NOOO!" and "OM NOM NOM". She's such a chatty little character I have no doubt that before long she'll be demanding precious treatses.
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Borderland Books in San Francisco had a sphynx named Ripley (I don't know if she's still there or if she's still among us) and she was awesome. Perfect cat for a sci-fi book store.

Frankie is great! Sphynxes wouldn't be my first choice of a cat (but I could also see falling in love with one, sure) but if someone I knew had one, that kitty would get so much love (if it let me).
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