Shatter a crystal in your hand, stinkwhisk.
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Slice your dominant hand all up with the shards of a wizard's amethyst. Classic 90s Scholastic paperbacks brought back to us by Neil Cicierega (previously). Contains cursing, nostalgia, ill wishing, Adolf Gruntpile, and disturbing cover art.
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I love how the main title is a like a playground taunt and the tagline is a literal, Hodgman-esque version of it. I'm crying here...
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His prose could be pretty thudding at times, but you have to admit that Ken Drunkmother could spin a hell of a YA adventure.
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Smutcorn is no trivial insult.
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Ha, the first book is The Ten-Speed Babysitter.
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Oookay. I suppose that if the books are part of your childhood memories there might be some frisson here, but this seems...not witty? Guess I'll stick with his videos.
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I've never before laughed so hard at basically nothing! Fuckwit!
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Perhaps I am just an ignorant smutcorn, but would it not have been possible to match the insult being provided to the images on the cover in some way?
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I mean... there is another one downstream that actually has a hand holding a crystal. I have a PhD in science and I do hereby certify, as a scienceist, that it would be at least 38% funnier to have the "Shatter a crystal in your hand, Stinkwhisk" on that one instead of on the one with a student election in the background.
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I think maybe I am an old because these didn't make sense to me.
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