and somehow pretend that everything is all right
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Anna & Eve is a photo project by artist Viktoria Sorochinski exploring relationships between mother and daughter.
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These are like illustrations for a very disturbing volume of Russian folk tales.
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These are gorgeous, and I recognize my daughter and me in some of these in ways that make me gasp, thank you so much for posting.
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These are like illustrations for a very disturbing volume of Russian folk tales.

From the artist's statement:
I was always interested in folk tales as a representation of common knowledge, and their influence on children’s perception of good and bad, and of morality. Therefore, in the beginning of the series I often applied to my photographs a frame of a myth or a folk tale. These photographs are not based on particular tales; rather, they are new myths that represent through phantasmagoric scenes my interpretation of the real relationship of this mother and daughter.
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These are very, very good. There is so much going on beneath the otherwise calm surfaces in these images. I love the sense of tension and unspoken communication they convey, especially when one is looking at the other with great intensity, and the other is not directly acknowledging that look.

I especially love this one of the mother and daughter "nested" in grasses as if they were birds or some other small, camouflaged, vulnerable creatures (link to thumbnail image, not sure how to link to the full size image as Safari isn't exposing that link).
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The 'Daddy' series is also wierd and powerful, but with a different energy.
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I like these, for reasons better articulated by others already.

(A couple of images are slightly NSFW -- not graphic, but not ok with some work place policies.)
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I love this.
Nice to look at the DADDY series and realise, oh, she loves him too.
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Wow. (I feel like I should try to write any commentary in palindromes, to keep with the exhibition title, but I can't.) I had trouble working out who I was looking at in some of the photos - and yet when you see them together, they have such different faces too (let alone height, hair etc). The effect is just blurring the distinction between mother and daughter even more, which is quite unsettling. Amazing work.

I really like the Daddy series too. Especially the changes over time, where you can see his hair getting longer/growing facial hair as well as the daughter growing up and getting older, again suggesting different dynamics.
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