The best game in the pug dating simulator genre
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Dim the lights. Light candles. A romantic evening awaits. An evening of speed dating.
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I always say that the best way to be the top in your field is to do something nobody else wants to do.
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I hope the end of the game involves two dogs starting to eat the same strand of spaghetti and then kissing.
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So, all in all, a pretty decent sim.
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So, I read "pug" as some sort of PUA (pickup artist) related acronym, and now I'm really confused because no one is wearing leopard or a fedora.
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What amuses me is that this appears to be more of a dating sim then any of the Japaneses games in this genre I've heard of, which appear to be more "say exactly what the women wants to hear to date her" simulators, rather then actually simulating a date.
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All the pugs I dated were jerks. Except for one, who started out kind of self-effacing and insecure, and then turned into a jerk.
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SO MANY JERKS. I found myself going "I hope to never see you again" after every date no matter how hard I tried to inquire about them. Are there good pug endings?
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"are you familiar with the economic implications of bitcoin?"

after that they will definitely want to see your stamp collection.
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