What's your Elvish name?
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What's your Elvish name? An interesting resource -- with a scholarly tone -- for anyone who loves names and/or Tolkien.

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posted by silusGROK (32 comments total)
I am Tauro... although I'm not sure why it's not Tauron (a la Sauron, et al). I'm still trying to get the rules.
posted by silusGROK at 7:37 AM on March 4, 2002

My first and middle names would be Eruresto Meldon. Not very lyrical. I would posit that a large percentage of us would have "Eru-" in our Elvish names, since a large number of us may have been named in the Judeo-Christian tradition and our names will therefore have something to do with God. I don't think Tolkien's elves would have the same naming traditions.
posted by starvingartist at 8:07 AM on March 4, 2002

My first and middle names are Atan Tauro! FEAR ME!
posted by Hildago at 8:31 AM on March 4, 2002

Hmm, Veon Laivino. Sounds like an Italian mobster.
posted by waxpancake at 8:42 AM on March 4, 2002

damn, as I suspected, it's another one of those "western names only" sorts of things. brings back sad memories of searching furiously among the little license plate trinkets in souvenir shops to no avail; with my mom somewhere in the background saying "look, you're *not* going to find it, we're leaving."

one of these days, i swear, i'll have one manafactured.

(oh, as an upside, and now i know all your real names, if, er, I suppose I was industrious enough to do an elvish reverse lookup -- HELO.)
posted by fishfucker at 9:13 AM on March 4, 2002

Um, yeah, it must've been pretty tough to find a FSHFUKR license plate at Disney Land.
posted by coelecanth at 9:34 AM on March 4, 2002

Anyone remember that Simpsons when they go to Itchy and Scratchy land, and Bart bemoans how there are all those Bort license plates, and no Bart ones?

Suprisingly few Mohammad license plates seeing as its the most popular name in the world or something..
posted by Mossy at 9:40 AM on March 4, 2002

Nostawen Amare, here.

When I was a kid, I could never find pens or license plates or anything with my name on them, but now I can--my name is apparently more popular now.
posted by eilatan at 9:52 AM on March 4, 2002

They don't list "Ilkka" either, and Elvish is supposedly even related to Finnish. Hmpf.

I guess I can choose at will. "Aaronh Presleyh" has a nice ring to it. =)
posted by ikalliom at 9:57 AM on March 4, 2002

There's a hobbitized version of this here or here. I don't know if it's been mentioned on MeFi before.

Elvish name: Erunámo Eruntano
posted by insomnyuk at 9:59 AM on March 4, 2002

Fishfucker: nope - not my name either - I import the key chain of my name.
posted by goneill at 10:04 AM on March 4, 2002

Arcalimon Eruantano....

Though my username would just be Cu.
posted by JonahBlack at 10:11 AM on March 4, 2002

Cu Erruno, son of Ertur...

what is that for a name. I would never become lotr
posted by Eirixon at 10:16 AM on March 4, 2002

Anaire Taure, which translates to "holiest wood."

uh-huh-huh-huh ... "wood" ... huh-huh
posted by whatnot at 10:24 AM on March 4, 2002

Fosco Hardbottle...

i guess i prefer being hobbit
posted by Eirixon at 10:36 AM on March 4, 2002

Great link, but alas, no Elvish name for me.
posted by Lynsey at 10:53 AM on March 4, 2002

As a hobbit, I'd be Nob Deepdelver...

That's almost bad as 'holiest wood'
posted by JonahBlack at 10:54 AM on March 4, 2002

My name isn't in there either, but I know what my name means, so most likely my name would be Anar-Ea Ceniro.
posted by riffola at 11:02 AM on March 4, 2002

Oh. My. They have Mars: it's "Carnil". Name lists *never* have anything for me...

Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised, but I'd assumed somehow that Middle-earth would have different planets.

posted by Mars Saxman at 11:36 AM on March 4, 2002

My name is Catherine (Cathy for short).

CATE, CATHERINE (f.) - Vendea or Vénea or Vendie or Vénie
posted by graytopia at 11:43 AM on March 4, 2002

Bob Dylan: Alcarcalimo Earo. But you can call him Al.
posted by groundhog at 11:46 AM on March 4, 2002

Damn it!

First DisneyWorld and their damn kiddie licence plates and now Elvish language translations.

They never have Graham anywhere! Sure, I could have bought a Zeke or Abdul licence plate in Orlando, or even a Chad, Shane or Gus. But never my own name.

And now they have Alma, Chloris and Rufus translated to Elvish, but not Graham! It's really not that uncommon a name! Heck, there were two OTHER Graham/Graeme in my hockey league when I was 12! Why can't anyone cut me/us a break!

Sorry about that...that's 30 years of discrimination boiling over. Won't happen again.

posted by grum@work at 12:01 PM on March 4, 2002

I am...Elvish Aron Presley. Thankyaverymuch.
posted by ColdChef at 12:13 PM on March 4, 2002

Seems like the template is there, though, goneill and grum@work -- spend an afternoon at the library researching a suitable translation of the Celtic etymology of your name (which I imagine would hold true for both of you), then dig through your large stack of Tolkeiana...to find the Quenya term closest in meaning and then you just apply the root structure...um...OK, so the website doesn't help you guys that much. Sorry.

Reading the original article that inspired this brought me pleasantly back to my grad class in History of English: I wasn't an Anglo-Saxon scholar by any means, but I remember the small thrill of learning the etymology of our modern "daisy," dæyes éye (those 'y's are just stand-in's for a character I don't know how to do in HTML), or "eye of the day," which is a kind of amazing and beautiful thing to call a flower.

Somebody (Auden?) said that "all language is fossil poetry." Coming back to the Silmarillion, years later, it no longer seemed the dull psuedosaga I'd found it in high school. It's all about the poetry of names (which at fourteen I was not primed to appreciate).

My elvish name would be "Selmacas Mirimo" -- not bad! Not bad at all!
posted by BT at 12:22 PM on March 4, 2002

Fitzbum Waller. Or, Englebert Slaptyback.
(I hope someone gets the reference.)
posted by warhol at 12:27 PM on March 4, 2002

I get it Warhol, I get it!!!!

Heeelllppp!!!! I'm covered in beeeeeezzzzzz!!!
posted by anastasiav at 12:40 PM on March 4, 2002

BT - where have you been lately? I have been needing hat sort of reasoned calm.
Graham: I am sure that I have seen Graham license plates. Do you want to know why? Because Grainne [should] sit between Graham and Gregory, and it never does. I am going to find some Graham stuff and send it to you, as someone that I know in Ireland just did for me when I lost my most-recent Grainne key chain.
posted by goneill at 12:41 PM on March 4, 2002

How, exactly, do you pronouce "Grainne?"
posted by ColdChef at 1:00 PM on March 4, 2002

My hobbit name is Ruby Danderfluff.


I'm not sure how I feel about that.
posted by Windigo at 1:51 PM on March 4, 2002

can we take this to our little hideaway?
posted by goneill at 1:54 PM on March 4, 2002

Cool. My brother and I actually sound like brothers now: Eruanno and Erunámo sounds much better than Matthew and Daniel.
posted by obiwanwasabi at 2:25 PM on March 4, 2002

Uh, mine sounds like a disease I shouldn't discuss:


Although it suggests an alternative that I might be able to mention in public: Lavincólo
posted by mutagen at 12:26 AM on March 5, 2002

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