It is Grappi in your slave, for the now!
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To paraphrase: Grappi is the fun friend from story and products, now in the light and shadow of a television! Interact of Grappi and do the good; make a health, not a hurt. Find a place, a weather, a friend! Do a many thing, make a Grappi joy! Hupa! You have found a strange video game that appears to originate from no known civilization. You have found Virtual Grappi. Be sure to check the instruction manual. (More from the real creator in the unfiction plane. And here's her original forum game [WARNINGS: PERHAPS TO SPOILERS])
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I'm a couple of pages in and the forum game thread is just utterly charming so far.
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Shkai toh-areph d'fei Grappi rr(toungue click)poi. Kai sh'kh'pareth. - N'lai Seh-moh(tongue click)

(series of blinks with apparent semantic meaning) - (different series of blinks)

Boomb b'boomb, boomb boomb'b b'boomb b'boomb. Boomb. - Boomb'b B'boomb-Boomb (further example of language)
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I am Grappi revelation
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What's up with that weird name?
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More reviews:

¿Qué diablos? ¿Lo que acaba de pasar? ¿Qué tipo de videojuego ES esto? - Lucia Diezmiembros Colaverde

I am having trouble believing your descriptions of what your curious device depicts. I certainly hope this is not some manner of jape at my expense. - Lachesis Peramanse

Uh, my friend and me ride a dinosaur through abandoned buildings and THIS is the craziest thing I've ever seen. - Rebecca Michaels

(no immediate response; later, Grappi was granted sainthood and depicted in a stained glass window) - The Brotherhood of Hands (informal name - actual name is an entire choral hymn)
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...I think I need an adult
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Somewhere in the multiverse is someone who can make sense of this I just know it dammit:

Oh, this purple creature in your color-and-sound machine is so cute! Why would people put those violent things you told me about into it when they could put things like this and the under-tale inside instead? - C-A-G-A-F-G C-A-A#-A-G

(eight out of ten thumbs up) - (points to self)
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I'm lost.
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For those who are lost, well, that's the whole point. Here are some observations, which might be spoilery:

After the game has started, the only things that seem meaningful are that you can select (with arrows+Enter) Grappi (the purple/gray blob), the lamp, or the three things on the left. Nothing else seems interactable. Select Grappi and he (usually) gives you a little heart.

Most of the game is selecting the items to the left, which seem to be random. Some things are good and some things are bad. As you select them, they change in the screen in various ways. Some of the things affect three gauged at the bottom of the window. Candy and Pumpkin are good for your gauges. Mushroom and meat sometimes seem to summon an alligator friend. The match, poison bottle and taser are not so good; the match, in particular, results in Grappi's eventual death it seems. As you select things generally, the left-hand gauge (vaccine?) decreases. If any gauge runs out, Grappi dies. So it goes. Your second and later Grappis seem subtly different from the first.

The key, if you should find it, makes the game a lot weirder and more unsettling....
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A found is happens: follow a Grappi on Game is Jolt!
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Bug repairing: digestive system of Grappi now fully connected, death now less likely to be caused by a hunger.
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