What do you call a pair of flying dinosaurs?
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It's rare that a comments section is more entertaining than the post or article to which it is attached, but this post comes with a garden of delightful double dactyl verse dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch.

My personal favorite:
Withering Slytherin
Benedict Cumberbatch
Study his face.

They try to fathom the
Skills of his evident
Alien Race.
What's a double dactyl?
Some mefites have used the form in the past.

Here are many, many more examples courtesy of the Internet Archive.
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Oh! Oh! I wrote one about the Cumberbatch!

Noonien Noonien
Benedict Cumberbatch
Pastiest Khan that you
ever did see

Infiltrates Starfleet, then
beams himself Kronoswards
trolling James T.
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This is fantastic and is putting a smile on my face after a very long day.
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Also, love the tags
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Uh look in the interests of saving us all a lot of embarrassment I'm not going to post any of my others, but I am going to shamelessly link to my semi-fallow double dactyl blog.

Also in re the comments of that post:

Hickery hackery
Coding blog commenter
famously gifted at
missing the point

sifting for dimeter
with your computer, son?
I'm disappoint.
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MetaTalk MetaTalk
Benedict Cumberbatch
Noone since Doctorow
Drew the blue herds.

Dear Doctor Watson, we're
Over-enamored with
Awkward white nerds.
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Reading these, I realized that Alan Menken uses this structure in Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, in The Court of Miracles:

Maybe you've heard of a
Terrible place where the
scoundrels of Paris col-
lect in a lair

Maybe you've heard of that
mythical place called the
Court of Miracles
Hello, you're there!


Justice is swift in the
Court of Miracles
I am the lawyers and
judge all in one

We like to get the trial
over with quickly be-
cause it's the sentence that's
really the fun!

This means, of course, that you can use the tune of The Court of Miracles to set any double dactyl to music, just as one of my high school classmates realized Oliver Wendell Holmes's Old Ironsides matches perfectly to the tale of a less heroic vessel, the theme song to Gilligan's Island.
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Sokka and I have had several double dactyl throwdowns over the years, and my (inferior) response to his Cumberbatch poem was this offering:

Denterprise benterprise
Benedict Cumberbatch
playing "John Harrison"
awfully wan

J.J.'s reveal comes so
Trekkies all over shout
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I always love double dactyls, and yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is a perfect name for them.

A long time ago, New York magazine had weekly (or so) competitions, and every once in a while they'd have one for double dactyls. I had the rhythm in my head for weeks after.

I've frequently wished for a competition subsection of MetaFilter.
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Perhaps I'm persnickety or merely crotchety, to get annoyed at light posts on the Blue. You may think this nonsense is very amusing but not every forum was made just for you.
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Jiggery pokery,
Benedict Cumberbatch
Took on G. Sanders and
R. Montalbán's

Signature characters
Now he's a pro at
Reforming ex-Khans
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Crotchety smotchety
Beelzebub Camembert
Has not been, will not be
The preferred norm

Mefites coexist with
Though I note you failed to
Follow the form
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Benedict Cumberbatch
Oh, so Sherlockian.
Deduces the murderers,
Leaves them as cons.

Cumberbatch, Benedict,
(lots of fans love him so)
induces in others, though,
little but yawns.
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PoTAYto PoTAHto, Mee-fi or Meffy; a
crockety bloat and a big plate of beans.

How did these people get cats in their scanners now?
Veer way off-topic 'til mods intervene.
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Joe in Australia: You are indeed crotchety, getting annoyed at posts on the Blue. You say it’s nonsense but we think it’s funny. Copacacetic and cromulent too.
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I haven't read it yet -
I don't know anything.
That's why I'm commenting
Viva la snark

All of my favourites
ly come from things I said
Thus in the dark.
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It's kind of scary how almost everything fits into dactyls. When things don't, I get annoyed:

Metatalk, AskMeFi
Fanfare, and Projects and
Music, and Real Life; Jobs,
Podcast, and Chat.

The name of this website, though
Has two stressed syllables -
Try scanning that!
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I offer the euphonious glory of 'Bendydick Cumberbunt' for your double dactylating pleasure.
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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson
Liked to use dashes
Instead of full stops.

Nowadays, faced with such
Critics and editors
Send for the cops.

~ Wendy Cope
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'Crowley, allow me
to lend you a syllable.
Spondee for dactyl, mate.
Wilt thou a trade?'

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