Going to the Puppies
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This is in response to repeated requests on the grey for puppy theater FPPs.
In 1986, Dutch performing artist Wim T. Schippers put up his stageplay "Going to the Dogs", performed entirely by canines. It's available on Youtube in seven parts (poor quality video). Apparently, questions were raised in parliament.
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Ask and ye shall receive. MetaFilter is magic! Looking forward to watching this tonight when I get home from work.
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I am definitely on the internet and this is exactly what it is for.
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There's also an operetta for dogs, starring dogs, called Tragedy on the Sea Nymph.
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I saw their performance of Threepenny Opera. Powerful. No one does Brecht like dogs.
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The internet is NOT just for cats. Thank you.
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And questions were raised in parliament because it was done on public television, paid for by the then existing license fee.
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And why isn't our public broadcasting system paying for dog theater? I demand answers and accountability here.

Puppy quotas are being neglected and I want answers.
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this isn't for dogs..it's humans doing artistic stuff with dogs in the room

at least wegman teased out some personality from his dogs...
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