People always call me an asshole - that’s because I don’t stop.
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Skaters call it “the bible,” but we’re prone to hyperbole. Maybe it’s Vogue, but for degenerates, and Phelps is skateboarding’s Anna Wintour.
A profile of skateboarder & Thrasher editor Jake Phelps, by Willy Staley.
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It's kind of amazing how all these people get it wrong, about me being an asshole
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Worth it for this line alone:

Skateboarding probably has more in common with pornography: Talented people are paid to be filmed doing something they’re good at, or at least insane enough to try.

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Read this a few weeks back and was so impressed by how great a piece it was I hunted down Willy Staley on Facebook and sent him a note saying as much.
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