Metrocosm: The History of Cities Visualized
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The History of Cities Visualized: Metrocosm
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Thank you for posting! This is very relevant to my interests right now.
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neat, like a sequel to 'journey of mankind'! (prev.)

some neolithic 'protocities' fwiw :P
-Göbekli Tepe
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i was waiting to see if "Neapolis" was included... nope.

Also, no cities in ancient Egypt before the great pyramid? Strange methodology...
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Starts off slow, but when the action picks up, it gets wild!
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Yeah, my 7-year-old had us watch it four times in a row because it's "like fireworks!" at the end there. He also really liked the ancient city names.

I was pleased Cahokia was there. Passes my test! (Although, yeah, I get why he chose the the data he did, but it does make some cities pop up awfully late.)
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Cahokia pops up in 1075 AD, right on the spot where St Louis popped up 75 years earlier (1000 AD). Seems legit.

An ability to zoom in on areas of interest would be nice. I'm using Firefox on Android and though I can zoom the display, I can't then pan it and I'm stuck staring at the Americas.

As it stands it's interesting but somewhat misleading eye candy.
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Very interesting for its broad sweep of history, though it is difficult not to notice the gaps in their database. As an Australian, a blindingly obvious omission was Perth (est. 1829, pop. 2 million), especially since Ballarat (1838, 0.1 million) made the cut! (Perthians, I won't make the obvious jibe.)
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The explosions at 1875 and 1900 are remarkable!
posted by zooropa at 1:57 PM on June 20, 2016

> The explosions at 1875 and 1900 are remarkable!

Yeah, anarchists were setting off a lot of bombs in those days.
posted by languagehat at 8:57 AM on June 21, 2016

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