April 7, 2002
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I'm here to tell you about the ultimate sporting clash of the titans-Air Hockey! That's right, the ultimate rec-room sport of the '70's is alive and well. There's leagues galore including one in Austin, Texas(home of numerous MeFite's.), and cool Flash animations of some slick moves. Ever since I bought my first table at age 10 at a yard sale, this has been my game. Nice to know it's still out there. There's even places to buy nifty tables if you're in the market. Me and the missus used to love playing at the local arcade on this beauty with the nifty flourescent puck. Now drop the puck and play!
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My 36 year old sister just got a table. She says it's for her kids. Funny that she is not allowed to lose, though...
posted by NortonDC at 8:28 PM on April 7, 2002

Show of hands from those of you got crushed pinkys trying a air hockey slapshot? I used to play this game so much that I heard the whir of air from the table in my sleep. Thanks for the link. Great memories!
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 10:50 PM on April 8, 2002

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