I Am A Warrior Forged In Ice And Iron, And I Will Take No DAMB Baths!
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Horace, Boar of the North (slTumblr)

Horace Has Many Friends But Rivals Too
Horace has NO TIME for Anything Less
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I don't get it.
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Oh my god there's a whole community and they're writing up therapeutic poems in Riddley Walker tongues and I love it so much!
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It's not boaring, I'll grant it that. I always enjoy it when someone goes whole hog on a ridiculous idea.
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Huh, that's odd, I thought Horace was an Endless Bear...
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Why does my boar not have huge focking moscle?
Your Creamy Little Lad Hass Not Had Enoulgh Cream And Its Your Responsibility To Give Him That Cream

These are all true concerns and statements.
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I don't get it but I LOVE HIM
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There are maybe 8, 10 blogs in the Sandsverse? There's even a wiki! My favorites are Seymour, Elmer and Horace. The Tumblr user that interacts with them most is Liam Meevs aka classicmeevs, and it is thought by some that he's the writer. Anyway, these posts make me crack up every time I read them.
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Yes!!! Why is this so funny? I have not come up with a suitable explanation but at least there is a Good Little Boy.
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Horace Rumpole: "I don't get it."

Seconded, I am afraid.
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