The whole world is wondering: what's wrong with the United States?
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"We've come tonight to bring you some joy, some happiness, some inspiration, and some positive vibrations. We want to leave you enough to last you maybe the next six months." Eight years ago this month, soul/pop/gospel music legend Mavis Staples released a live recording titled Live: Hope at the Hideout. Recorded in Chicago's tiny Hideout Lounge, these thirteen songs of protest, hope, and defiance feature Mavis with a stripped down, raw and swampy three-piece band and just a handful of back-up singers. You can stream the entire album here (YT) and all things considered, you really should. [Alt link: stream from her record label's site]
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This is the closest thing I could manage to giving everyone here a gift and a hug.

Listen to Mavis and she will restore your faith that the good do not suffer alone, the evil cannot stand for long, and that as long as we keep fighting, right will prevail.
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This is terrific, thank you.
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God I love Mavis. This is one of my all-time favourite Mavis collaborations.
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Mavis is a treasure.

Her newest album, released this year, had a different artist help write each song. They include: M. Ward, Nick Cave, Justin Vernon, tUnE-yArds, Neko Case, and Aloe Blacc.

How fun it must be for Mavis to enlist all of these younger, hipper, artists to help; and how fun must it be for the younger artists to work with such a legend.
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Thank you.
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I was listening to the early gospel Staples Singers stuff yesterday actually:
I'm Coming Home
This May be the Last Time
It felt I was listening to America's funeral.
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geoblocked, is there a non geoblocked link
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I am not a hugger, but I would take a hug from Mavis Staples. Anyday.

(PS: Thankyouthankyouthankyou.)
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PinkMoose, try the streams on her record label's site.
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I didn't think that I'd live to see times when even Mavis wouldn't be enough.
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I would have loved to have seen this show. The Hideout is a Prohibition-era bar in an old house with an occupancy of maybe 75-100. Mavis in that room would be even more amazing.
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Mavis is a national treasure, and I've been fortunate as a Memphian to see her play several times. Here's the Staples Singers doing "Respect Yourself" at Wattstax in 1972.
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Thanks so much for sharing this. I have been listening to Lemonade and Hamilton while I'm working, and this is just what I need right now. She's so good.

YouTube also recommended this: Mavis Staples + Jeff Tweedy - "You Are Not Alone"
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Whoa, excellent. Many thanks, DirtyOldTown!
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when she says before Eyes on the Prize that this album/evening will leave me feeling good for the next six months, does that mean if I listen to it 8 times on repeat it will get me through the drumpf presidency?

seriously though, thank you for posting this.
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This is so amazing. Thank you.
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Mavis + Ry = somethin' serious!
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Mod note: Added the record label's stream as an alt link
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Mavis is playing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Feb 17! We'll be in the third row. I figure it will be... cathartic.
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FYI The streams on the record label's site give me (out here in Denmark anyhow) only c. 10 seconds of each. I assume the youtubes don't work because of geolocking.
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Bummer. They used to play the entire song. I wondered if we personally borked that.
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I wish I believed in Mavis's Lord.

But I do believe in Mavis.
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