As long as there's sex and drugs, I could do without the rock & roll
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The year is 1992, and They have returned. (Trailer). There were interviews: David Letterman, Arsenio Hall, Charles Gibson. There were appearances: Headbangers Ball, Rockline with Martha Quinn (Part 2 only. Part 1 was DMCAd. Quite exciting, this computer magic!) But then there was the concert: The Return of Spinal Tap at The Royal Albert Hall, with special guests The Folksmen, Bob Geldof, Kenny Rogers, and many other surprises. If you're Australian, don't forget your Rock 'n Rolls.
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My Bloody Valentine had nothing on these guys. I saw them back in the day, and they truly were England's loudest band.
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Who is that Sinatra-izing Big Bottoms in the trailer? That was fantastic.
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saul wright,, that's "The Velvet Fog" himself, Mel Tormé. He was a hell of a song stylist, bless his soul.

I had no idea that Spınal Tap video was a thing. They'll have to tour again soon, won't they? To keep the rights to it?

Though I would simply adore a boot of a Thamesmen gig from back in the day. Alas.
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I love The Return of Spinal Tap. I still want to see Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Godzilla.

"It didn’t work out as well as I thought it would. I thought it would with the juxtaposition of which parent would get the child with Godzilla looming over all of them—y’know, maybe Godzilla was going to get the child."
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Eat At Joe's by The Folksmen is... uncanny.
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It really puts perspective on things, though, doesn't it?
(soft lob)
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