The Strange Cases of Oscar Zahn
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The Strange Cases of Oscar Zahn (from the beginning) by Tri Vuong, a webcomic about a friendly skeleton investigating the paranormal, with artwork borrowing both from Mike Mignola and Hayao Miyazaki. The creator answers questions.
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Wow, this is amazing! Thanks for pointing it out. Very atmospheric and the lighting is masterful.
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I've now seen every chapter, and while it does show some signs of being a work by an inexperienced creator (those notes at the bottom of later installments take one out of the story a bit), I think it has real potential.
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I skipped the notes at the bottom. I'd rather just read what the creator is putting on the page! An interesting story and great art.

It seems like so far Oscar is just a foil through which to tell the far more interesting story of Charlie Harper. It reminds me of the Doctor Who episodes "Blink" and "The Lodger," where a weird science fictiony intellectual is the entree for a regular person to face the paranormal. Vuong has a story he (he?) wants to tell about Canada and its place in history, and a floating skull is the excuse to tell it.

One complaint: I read a little bit of the Q&A page and was intrigued by the idea that Oscar was a pacifist, like the Doctor. Then just a couple of installments later, Oscar was punching and kicking Nazi specters like a regular action hero. Dude!
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After a half dozen pages, I am really enjoying it. Definitely influenced by Mignola, but his style is different enough that it doesn't feel like cribbing, and the story rolls out at a nice pace.
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Yeah it's good, Thanks Jharris.
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Thanks! We should have a good webcomics thing.
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