49 satin wedding gowns... one in each state's boxcar
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The Merci Train was a train of 49 French railroad boxcars filled with tens of thousands of gifts of gratitude from French citizens sent to the US in 1949. They were showing their appreciation for the 700+ American boxcars of relief goods sent to them by Americans in 1948 via a project calledFriendship Train. Each of the 48 American states at that time received one of the gift-laden box cars. Many of those boxcars still exist. posted by jessamyn (28 comments total) 62 users marked this as a favorite
Okay, this answers a question a friend of mine and I puzzled over a long time ago. We saw the New Mexico train car at the NM State Fair a while back and could not figure out what a French train car was doing there amongst the caged bobcats and the chile relleno corn dogs.

Now I know.
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Great, now all I want for dinner is a chile relleno corn dog.
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I didn't think there was anything in Woonsocket.

Knowing is half the battle, I guess.
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The Illinois boxcar is listed as missing. Way to go, Illinois.
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(Yes, yes, yes, this is Rhode Island's time!!)

Rhode Island has its Merci Train boxcar on display at the better-than-its-name-implies Museum of Work & Culture in down-on-its-luck Woonocket, RI, in the heart of the Blackstone River Valley.

The population of Woonsocket was heavily French-Canadian after the mid-19th Century, a population attracted to work in the water-powered mills on the banks of the river which was the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution.

The Museum explores this French-American culture -- and its close ties to the American labor movement -- and the boxcar is on permanent display there (yes, including the wedding dress). Kids in the town spoke French at primary school well into the 20th Century: my mother-in-law grew up speaking French at home, and my father-in-law spoke French to her her parents whenever he courted her (despite having an Irish background himself).

I grew up far from the area, but have been to the museum a number of times. It displays a typical "triple-decker" (three story) tenament house, terrifying finger-eating mechanical yarn-spinning equipment, and the bolted-down desks from a French Catholic schoolroom that features a spotter's guide worth of Know Your Nun photographs to show how many different orders were active in the area 100 years ago.

It really is a great little museum, with good stuff in the gift shop. If you are visiting the area it's not the first thing to go so, but if you are a history buff, then hit Slater Mill close to downtown Providence, then drive the 20 minutes out to see this one. (And the Olde English across the street has good fish & chip on Fridays.)

And oh, yeah, the train car is pretty cool, too.
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(For shame, GenjiandProust!)
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I'm not crying, you're crying.
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Oh yeah, I remember, this was from back when we all cared about one another.
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I grew up with a scuplture from one of these trains, "Ugolino and his Sons," on display in the Indiana Memorial Union of Indiana University in Bloomington since before I was born.
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The Arkansas car was evidently restored as an Eagle Scout's project. Good for that kid.

Helena is a really poor town that has had some really hard times. Does my sappy-ass heart good to see them housing and keeping up a piece of international goodwill.

This post rules.
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Oh holy crap the Missouri one's in Sedalia! I was born there. Moderately small town with not much claim to fame beyond the state fair. This is so cool, I need to go see that next time I'm up to visit family.

I'm glad a lot of these are in small towns.
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This is really interesting, thanks.

The Maryland one is at the B&O Railroad Museum, which is one of those Baltimore tourist attractions I always mean to go to but haven't yet, so perhaps I will eventually see it!
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The Illinois boxcar is listed as missing. Way to go, Illinois.

Well, for once Idaho finally got it's feces (mostly) in a pile.

After dumping it to the National Guard--who put it out in a horse pen to feed horses out of the open doors and store old paint cans and crap in the back of it, Boise finally got it restored and put inside the Old State Penitentiary. Unfortunately, much of the content was lost, and much of what was retained or regained is in poor archival condition. The items must be stable to be displayed.

Oh yeah, I remember, this was from back when we all cared about one another.
and our history.
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My whole incentive for this post was that I am working in a public library all week (not my usual thing) and they have this glass sconce thing on the wall that has a little handwritten note in it, in a frame, that says "Gift to Chelsea from the Merci Train" and a date. Which... I did not know what it was but I figured Google could help me. And it did, it so did.
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The 49th box car was shared by Washington D.C. and the Territory of Hawaii.

Rough luck, Alaska.
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Woot, the top two photos on the Merci Trains page are both from the one in Oregon. I can't wait to visit this the next time I'm down in Coos Bay.
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It's sad and kind of puzzling that a lot of Americans are down on the French when the French, for whatever faults they have, have always worn their heart on their sleeve about liking Americans and being very grateful for all the help in the war.
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God dammit, Massachusetts.
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My birth state (CO) apparently lost theirs (how do you lose a boxcar? Whose couplers are incompatible with the others on your area?). But the state I'm moving to (AZ) has got a nice museum around theirs! Definitely will go check it out once I get there.
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I've barely begun prodding these links but OMG, how amazing. Thanks for posting.

New Jersey: Destroyed by fire

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i adore train geeks
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The Illinois boxcar is listed as missing. Way to go, Illinois.
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Sorry to dwell on this, and I apologize about commenting on my own comment, but, now that I've thought about it a bit, I bet one of our former Governors stole it. That fits the Illinois politician profile quite well.

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Also how many of the boxcars are currently occupied by runaway children?
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Washington's is in an outdoor cage in yakima, which must be some kind of metaphor.
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What kills me the most about the Illinois boxcar being missing is that there's a picture of it on the seriously nerdy link. I don't know how I can miss something I didn't know existed 24 hours ago so much, but I do.

i adore train geeks

Me too! Despite loving train travel of all kinds, it is not my personal geekery but I appreciate their work so much and found myself reading so many of the links last night that I started to wonder if maybe it should be my personal geekery. (My geekery bandwidth is pretty loaded, probably for my lifetime alas.)
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When I was in the fourth grade I lived for a while next to Roeding Park. Parked in the park was "the French boxcar," replete with medallions. We climbed around, on, and under it until the park authorities put a chain-link fence around it. We knew it was from France, but until this morning I had no idea why it was in Fresno.

I was smeared in history, one grease-stained shin at a time.
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OOOOH, the Michigan one is stored in an outdoor cage at an American Legion post/archery/rifle range near my parents' house! I am so excited to go back and visit this summer.
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Why are the outdoors ones in cages (WA, MI)? Do they have a history of running away (CO, IL)?
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