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Miniature Bottle Library - [frames!!] You can view alphabetically, by country, etc. but I will only link to one set - the alcohol fuelled nightmare theme that is (no, not sex or zombie but, clown)
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Historical bust minis – at some point you could have drunk scotch out of Hitler's AND MLK's heads. Among others.
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Unknown is pretty weird.

Also, if you hadn't excitedly declared that the site used frames, I never would have clicked. Great find!
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How mini are these bottles?
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Unknown is pretty weird.

[Here's a link to the "Unknown" frame. Frames, they are so quaint now.]

And this post reminded me – I was surprised a couple of years ago as to just how many flavors of crappy hard liquor I found once, just by sticking my hand into the nip-bottle-barrel at the NH State Liquor Store on I93. Goldschlager! Rumple Mintz! Pie-flavored Whiskey! And it got weirder. I barely drink, but this made me want to try all sorts of weird bullshit. I had to pry myself away after a few minutes. I think there musta been some sort of revolution in flavoring chemistry recently.

If it weren't for the labels, though, the plastic bottles in the dollar bin would have been practically indistinguishable from one another for about half of the population. The bottles in this post, though, all look like fun bottles to collect – well, at least not the overtly racist ones.
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I have phobias about both clowns and '90s web design, so thanks for this.
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How mini are these bottles?

Indeed. Are these just your average 1-shot size, or are they truly mini?
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