It's all not hot dogs and beers...
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A lot more. Matthew "Megatoad" Kai Stonie is an American competitive eater and is the number two ranked competitive eater in Major League Eating. Matt won the 2015 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Stonie, whose nickname “Megatoad” comes from his childhood obsession with the fictional character Todd on Nintendo’s Mario franchise, started eating professionally in 2011. After taking home first place in a local lobster roll eating contest and a modest $1,000 paycheck, the “funny hobby,” as Stonie described, turned into a full-fledged career.

50 Donut Challenge


Matt first gained recognition on his YouTube channel where he recorded himself eating massive quantities of food at a rapid clip; one of his more mind-boggling accomplishments is consuming seven McDonald’s Shamrock shakes (5,740 calories) in just five minutes. To date, he’s obtained over 2,650,000 subscribers.

Olive Garden

Red Lobster - 7.5 hrs

With Stonie’s rise to eating stardom, he plans to delay finishing a degree in biology/chemistry and focus on his career in Major League Eating.

Taco Bell

Full English Fry-Up
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i am this guy when playing RPGs. don't care if my health is 100%, imma eat every single one of those pratchett jellied eels and even the rotten tyvian pears on the floor
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I was watching live when he won it in 2015! What a thrill, to see Joey Chestnut defeated.
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When I was in college, we "sponsored" our friend Mark in the Sanchez Burrito Co. burrito eating contest in Tucson, AZ. Mark had about the same build as Matt Stonie, by appearances not an obviously prodigious eater. There were 12 or so contestants. Mark was the only one with his own cheering section (three of us), which the others found somewhat intimidating. These Sanchez "The Works" burritos were about the same mass and dimension as those Chipotle burritos, and Mark downed five of them and started on his 6th when then bell rang. Due to one of those off-by-one counting errors, such as you make when running laps, Mark was cheated out of the first place prize (a $50 gift certificate for more burritos, go figure). The pre-game favorite, a large, wide, confident-looking man, lost his cookies about 20 minutes into it. His name was Ralph. Really. The event celebrated Rey Sanchez's 50th birthday, so Mark had some birthday cake afterward. They never held another contest after that one.
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Followed up with Kai's Power Stools. I AM SO SORRY
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Loved when he ordered the Shamrock Shakes he added the Oh, by the way, one cheeseburger too. The person taking the order did not even as much as hesitate or question the order. Then (spoiler alert) at the end of the challenge, he casually eats the cheeseburger.
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one of his more mind-boggling accomplishments is consuming seven McDonald’s Shamrock shakes (5,740 calories) in just five minutes

So roughly the same amount of calories as one Big Texan 72 Oz Steak Meal, here eaten by Molly Schuyler in 4:18. She goes on to eat two more meals in the same session.

(the steak meal might be a bit healthier than those shakes, though :-)
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He seems relatively graceful about it, too; I feel weird about loving these.

Uh, I was recently in a pizza eating contest, because I've always felt that deep down inside I may be a competitive eater. Turns out I'm not and I never need to do it again, but it was fun.
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Mark had about the same build as Matt Stonie, by appearances not an obviously prodigious eater.

There is a longstanding discussion in the competitive eating world over whether big people are at a disadvantage because abdominal fat keeps their stomach from being able to expand under the pressures of fifty hot dogs etc.

Also, the main issue for serious competitors is "meat sweats", where your body is essentially rebelling against the amount of salt you're consuming rather than the sheer tonnage of food.
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Never was the tag [more inside] better used
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Have someone who knows the Heimlich maneuver at these contests. There are deaths sometimes.
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I don't consider winning the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest an accomplishment anymore, after they banned Takeru Kobayashi from their contest. He helped make the contest famous for years. But in 2010, they insisted on a contract that would let them control his career as a condition of entering the contest, which, being a professional competitive eater, he refused.
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