"Piata Mai Nei"
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Before New Zealand director Taika Waititi (previously) hit the box office big leagues this week with Thor: Ragnarok, he helped usher in another blockbuster when he wrote the initial screenplay for the Disney hit Moana. More recently, he took time out of his busy schedule to translate the entire movie into Maori. So now you can now enjoy Jemaine Clement getting his Bowie on in this Maori translation of "Shiny".
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Ka rawe!
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I hope we get the full movie at some point, but I'm happy they've at least released the soundtrack.
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Related NYTimes article linked in a in previous post's comment.
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This is great.
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I would subscribe to TaikaFilter
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The entire movie dubbed in maori was released in NZ a month or so ago. Apparently the early showings were quickly sold out. I expect a future DVD release will include the dubbed version.
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If you have not seen What We Do In The Shadows, don't research it. Just watch it.
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A Māori Twitter acquaintance this morning: "My 2 year olds unprompted review last night: He pai tēnei waiata Mama!"

("This song is good mama!")

That's why representation is so important, that kid is going have slightly more motivation to hang on to the reo when she grows.
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Full spotify playlist here.
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