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With Mega Man 11 finally happening, the Mega Man fangame community can finally rest, right? WRONG. To coincide with preparations for the third GameMaker-based Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (the entries of first two having been compiled into fangames - the pretty good first one and the mindblowingly good and massive second one - see also forums here and here), a Make a Good Robot Master Contest has been announced. No GameMaker skills required - the three category winners will have their entries turned into levels and bossfights by expert fangame makers and included in the third Make a Good Mega Man Level game. Full rules here. Enter here (max. two entries per person - second entry must be for different category from the first). Deadline is February 15.

There have been multiple official Robot Master contests whose winners have been included in main-series Mega Man games. Only one of these came to America, and the winner of the American portion were Mega Man 6's Knight Man and Wind Man. Other entrants were published in Nintendo Power, and can be seen at the venerable I-Mockery.
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Wow, that second fangame looks AMAZING and I need to play it for sure. Thanks for sharing this.
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