One Woman A Day in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
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Drawing upon the films, books, comics, and more, Amy Richau is determined to highlight one woman a day for a year who has been featured in some way in Star Wars.

Organized into easy to consume summaries of the respective characters, Richau breaks down the Star Wars mediums that they appear in to allow the reader to pursue and enjoy the characters in all the ways they appeared in the franchise. Since she began, she has now covered forty women with 325 more to go!

Unsurprisingly, the honor of being the first woman featured went to Leia Organa.
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This is a wonderful project, and wonderfully-executed! #1 could only Leia, no question. By the same token I'll insist that #365 could only be Ahsoka Tano. But it'll be Rey, won't it. Yeah, it'll probably be Rey.

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I don't know what to do with the fact that Jaina Solo hasn't been covered yet.

I spent my whole childhood and adolescence (...and maybe other times?!) obsessed with Jaina Solo, and I'm still pissed that the new movies a) erased her and b) took away the planned trilogy about her.

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Hrm. I honestly don't know if Jaina will be included or not. But...Did you know they did go ahead and release a six inch Hasbro Black Series figurine of Jaina?

This happened due to a fan poll by Hasbro about a couple years ago, I think, well after Disney decided to drop the old Expanded Universe. The love was still there.

One of the things you will notice when you go through these names, a lot of them will not be ones you recognize and if you do, it will be with the realization that their presence was extremely limited. Just because there are 365 female characters in Star Wars does not mean there's equal representation in the franchise. Let's hope we keep seeing more women in more significant roles as we go along.
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Fingers crossed for Amaiza.
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From the post for Day 40 – Toryn Farr:
It turns out Farr (played by actress Brigitte Kahn) is the only woman other than Leia to have a line of dialogue in The Empire Strikes Back. You can hear her line at about 28 seconds into this compilation of all the non-Leia female lines of dialogue from the original trilogy.
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