Most of the world loves Ed Sheeran
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See the most popular song in 3000 world cities. This visualization with clickable links allows you to explore the biggest hits from last month globally. There are some to be expected like Perfect and Havana but some fun surprises like Troll in Russia.
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I see that this is just based on Youtube views. I wonder if this data lines up with what you'd get from actual record/download sales, audio-only streaming services (Spotify, Pandora, etc), and terrestrial/satellite radio play?
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I'm probably just old, but it seems it was a meh month in global music history - or global music taste
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I have a friend who sends Snapchat videos where he tells someone he loves Ed Sheeran then records their out-sized negative reaction. It's currently one of the great joys in my life.
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Missing data from Cuba, so it leaves the important question Havana the number #1 in actual Havana?
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The #1 in Japan is a Korean girl pop group that's singing in Korean. Same group is #1 in HK, singing the same song.

TWICE, a nonet, has three Japanese members and one Taiwanese member.
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That "Gucci Gang" was one of the worst tunes I've heard in a long time, and I have very diverse taste in music (Death Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, classical, etc.). How on earth did that song become so popular?
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Your planet’s favorite band sucks.
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Robot Macador is the theme music to a SNES platformer I really want to play.
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Someone needs to get Redmond Washington up to speed with current trends in pop music.
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Wow, Gummo is #1 in Milwaukee. It is probably one of the top ten worst songs I have ever heard. Every other word is n---a. Also the artist is on trial for filming a 14 year old having sex with multiple men. I'd much prefer Ed Sheeran.
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Coldplay have got to be pissed.
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Mozambique's song is really quite great.

Also, Gangnam style is still popular somewhere?
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And now I'll be dancing to Havana for the rest of the weekend. I can live with that.
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I really like Turkey's #1.. and Gucci Gang is at least more interesting than Havana :p
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"Gucci Gang"? I thought he was saying "Coochie Game". Still hate it...although a little less...
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